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SOLD - 2008 Manual 911 Turbo 950whp + NFT 001

Seller: Admin
Make Porsche
Model 911 Turbo
Direct crypto accepted BTC, ETH, USDT, USDC
Location West Palm Beach, FL
VIN WP0AD29968S783332
Mileage 39,700 - 5/12/22
Body Style Coupe
Car Owner Car For Coin
Date Verified 2/15/2022
Engine Built 3.8L H6
Drivetrain AWD
Transmission Manual
Exterior Color Carrera White
Interior Color Sea Blue
Title Status Clear - Lien
Seller Type Private
NFT Owner Carforcoin.eth
Mileage Reported 38,900
Car Owner Car For Coin
Date Verified 2/15/2022

Vehicle Highlights

Car for Coin Founder Tom’s personal car + our first Real Car NFT and QR code that links to it.

This super clean 2008 911 Turbo was built to beat supercars, but with a good driver and 3 pedals. There’s nothing more satisfying in the car world to us, than nailing the perfect manual launch and a few gearshifts on your way to 211mph.


The goal with this build was to have maximum performance, with as little compromise as possible. When the motor was stock and pushing 750whp, the car’s records were 0-60mph in 2.59 seconds, 1/4 mile 10.24@140mph, 60-130 in 5.8s, half mile 171mph, and one mile at 205mph. The one mile speed is a verified record for a stock motor manual Porsche with Johnny Bohmer Proving Grounds which is on the same runway where the space shuttle used to land in Cape Canaveral.

Once the limits of the stock motor were reached (rest in peace rod #3), the car was sent to legendary builder Aim Performance in New Jersey to be built for 1,000hp, and tuned by Emre at ESMotor.

The car currently dynoed at 950awhp and 950awtq on e85 fuel and meth injection, and 804awhp and 748awtq on pump gas and e85. Dyno pictures are attached. There are 4 boost settings, I use the first 2 for pump gas and the last 2 for e85.

Currently this car holds the manual Porsche record on the Dragy Motorsports leaderboard for 0-60mph time, as of February 15, 2022.

Current best performance numbers as measured by Dragy are:
0-60mph (1ft) – 2.45s on street
1/4 mile – 9.91@149.82mph on street
60-130mph – 4.63s
100-150mph – 4.72s


Weight loss was another top priority, without sacrifice:

Oem GT2 seats: -55lbs
Oem sunroof delete: -30lbs
Lithium battery: -34lbs
Rear seat delete: -20.28lbs
Girodisc Rotors: -13lbs
Kline 2.75″ Exhaust: -15lbs
Rear 18″ wheels: -9.16lbs
Underbody brace: -4lbs
Removable oem subwoofer: -13lbs
Total removed weight: 193lbs

The stock adaptive seats are included with the car, as are the rear seats.


The speakers were replaced with Focal IS speakers, including upgraded 8″ size woofers. Hidden behind factory panels. The factory subwoofers were also upgraded to 5.25″ units, and a subwoofer amplifier has been hidden inside the factory CD changer box in the frunk. Subwoofer levels are adjustable with a gain knob near the shifter.

On E85, the car starts on the second crank attempt every time. Idle settles in between 750 and 780rpm, a hint of the upgraded camshaft. The exhaust is quiet for this power level with the valves closed. The interior is very clean and the white contrast stitching pops really well against the dark blue interior. The seats and steering wheel upgrade really completes the car. If you don’t like the the cloth inserts, black leather inserts are also available and install in just 2 minutes.

The clutch engagement is tight, but very predictable and the re-built clutch slave cylinder resulted in a wonderful clutch pedal weight that’s close to stock, but it can handle 1400hp. Depressing the clutch pedal results in some jingling noise from the lightweight flywheel, which is normal. The clutch stops removed the unnecessary slack from the pedal movement. The transmission was re-built in 2021 and clicks into gear with excellent precision.

Under normal driving, the throttle response is very smooth and the exhaust is not obtrusive at all. The ride is excellent. Stiffer suspension is available with a click of the factory button.

The boost controller has 4 settings, from 750 to 950 horsepower. If you’re looking for the best off the line grip, use the 18″ rear wheel and tire package. For every day driving and high speed pulls, the 19″ wheel set with Toyo R888R puts the power down well after second gear.

The R888R tires are nearing the end of their life, evident by their ability to spin all 4 in first and second gear.


In the highest power level, the car is laugh out loud fun. The suspension squats and raises the front of the car seemingly a foot into the air, and you’re rewarded with amazing 950 torque and a manual transmission to keep up. The stock gearing is reasonable, with the top of 3rd gear around 100mph and the top of 4th around 130mph at 7200rpm.

The 1 mile record video was before the motor was built, and was around 720whp. The race against Dragtimes’ Huracan was at around 700whp and on an old slipping clutch. The walk around video and short driving impression was filmed in May 2022.

The GT2 seats in the pictures also come with plain black leather inserts, which swap out in 60 seconds.

If you don’t want the GT2 seats, there will be a $5,000 discount. Otherwise, you get both sets of seats, leather inserts, and the stock steering wheel.

I absolutely love this car, but I’m ready for some short term pain, for a chance to grow my wealth and invest further into crypto right now. It holds a special place in my heart, and as the Car for Coin brand grows, NFT0001 will have the most value when paired with this car.

I’d like to try and buy it back in 3 years, and therefore would like to sign a first right of refusal contract with the new owner so that I have the best chance to do so.



09991    All Excl.Opt Stitch Dev Color
220         Axle-Differential Lock Rear
24891    Stitching F/R seats Dev. Color
24901    Dashboard Stitching Dev. Color
24902    Door Stitching in Dev. Color
24903    Door Handle Stitching Dev.Clr.
24904    Dev.Stitching Side Centr Cnsl
24905    Rear Side Panel Dev.Stitching
342         Heated Front Seats
459         Smooth Leather Steering Wheel
509         Fire Extinguisher
640         Sport Chrono Package Turbo
810         Floor Mats in Interior Color
B4           Carrara White
CPA        Thicker Leather Steering Wheel
FE           Sea Blue Full Leather
P01         Adaptive Sport Seats
XMZ       Rear Center Console – Leather
XSC        Porsche Crest in Headrest
XXZ        Foot Rest Aluminum


The AIM Performance 3.8L package $50k installed:
– Carillo HD rods with carr bolts
– AIM custom pistons
– Ductile iron liners
– Upgraded wrist pins
– AIM custom head studs
– MLS head gasket with wire o-ring (for up to 30psi boost)

AIM 997 head package:
– hot tanked
– valve job
– CNC ported
– inspect valve guides

Alpha 3071 turbos
HKS Boost Controller
ID1700cc injectors
AIM custom water line kit
AIM 1000 fuel system, good for 1100whp on e85
AIM fender well intakes
New 997tt engine case
Exhaust cut outs, with electric button under the
Custom Tuning by ESMOTOR for e85 + meth
Custom Tuning by ESMOTOR for 93+ meth
Kline Catless 2.75″ Exhaust
Boost activated exhaust cutouts + interior switch

Welded coolant pipes

Driveline and Suspension:
Promotive Dual Organic Clutch (1400hp limit)
LTW Flywheel
DSS Axles
Wavetrack Differential
GMG lowering springs
RSS Engine Mounts
Girodisc 2 piece rotors
Hawk HPS Brake Pads
Stainless steel brake lines
TPC DSC Module with Launch Control
CMS Differential Cover
E-Ram spoiler lifts, extended and quick rise option

Do88 Big Pack intercooler, y pipe
GT3 throttle body
Snow Performance methanol injection with braided steel lines
Methanol injection controller inside glovebox
4 x 19″ TWS Nurburgring wheels with Toyo R888R
2 x 18″ Signature Forged rear wheels with Mickey Thompson ET Street tires

OEM GT2 seats with custom cloth inserts and leather inserts also included – $5k discount if you don’t want them
Factory seats included also
Focal speakers
Upgraded subwoofers inside factory box
Ipod and Blutooth integration
20% window tint
991 steering wheel, factory one included

997.2 Rear conversion
Black Jet-Hot coated exhaust tips
Ceramic coated and paint corrected January 2022

Total upgrades and repairs since 2018: $144k – full history available in spreadsheet




Known Issues

  • Clear coat chipped in a few spots like near headlight, rear bumper cover near the license plate, and gas cap. re-painting or re-clearing the passenger fender would address most issues since both are on that same panel.
  • Front bumper was repainted due to rock chips, no accident history


Vehicle History Report

Contact Seller Privately


Comment & Bids

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  • user

    13 May 2022 4:45 PM

    timer bumped by a few hours to 10PM EST on Monday, so that I can be online to answer any last minute questions instead of watching my kids.

  • user

    12 May 2022 1:45 AM

    Reserve price is OFF. Highest bidder wins. Attaching screenshot of full service and upgrade history, from 2018 to recent service on March 22, 2022. $144k total

  • user

    11 May 2022 9:35 AM

    Placed a bid of $121,000

  • user

    10 May 2022 11:35 PM

    Placed a bid of $120,000

  • user

    10 May 2022 11:35 PM

    Placed a bid of $110,000

  • user

    10 May 2022 7:50 PM

    Placed a bid of $45,000

Sold for: $121,000

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