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Pending - 1998 BMW M3 - 2JZ

Seller: Bwarekois
Make BMW
Model M3 Sedan
Direct crypto accepted pending
Location pending
VIN pending
Mileage pending
Body Style Sedan
Engine 2JZ Turbo
Drivetrain RWD
Transmission Manual
Exterior Color Silver
Interior Color Grey
Title Status pending
Seller Type private

Vehicle Highlights

This perfect sleeper makes around 915whp on E85 fuel.

Engine Setup

  • Clevite Rod Bearings for 2JZ – CB-1628H
  • Clevite Main Bearing set 2JZ +.25mm – MS-2014AL-.25mm
  • Clevite Thrust Washer set
  • Brian Crower 62
  • Hot tank block, light hone to deglaze cylinders
  • Disassemble and clean head, deck surface, reassemble
  • Straighten crank and polish journals (undercut crank .010″ on mains) BC625+ Connecting rods  w/ ARP Custom Age 625+ Fasteners
  • CP Piston Ring Set 86.5mm 3.405″
  • CP .230″ Wall 9310 2.250″ Length .866″ Width Wrist Pin
  • SP Modified Toyota oil pump 2JZGTE
  • 2JZ Oil Pump Micro Polishing
  • Head Gasket for MKIV Supra Turbo
  • SP lightly ported head
  • GSC S1 Cams
  • Power-Division Single Beehive Springs/Retainers 2JZ-GTE (82lbs at Seat / 182lbs at 0.400″)
  • Seal, Valve stem seal 2JZ
  • Shims for 2JZ cyl head

Machine Shop Labor Costs: Clean/polish crank, remove oil way plugs, jet spray block, clean up bore hone, disassemble/clean head, line hone intake cam journals, polish journals back to factory specs

  • Gasket Kit, Engine 2JZGTE (cylinder, water pump, water inlet, water outlet, o-rings, gasket oil strain, turbo oil, rear main seal, exhaust, intake manifold, air surge)
  • Wiseco 2JZ Pistons Custom 10.0:1 Compression Ratio with upgraded wrist pins .020″ over (86.5mm)
  • ARP L19 Headstuds
  • SRT 2JZ Digital Cam/Crank Sensor kit
  • ATI Crank dampener

Turbo Setup

  • Precision 6766 CEA Waterless DBB HP Cover Divided T4 V-Band 1.00 A/R
  • High Gloss Mirror Polish of Turbocharger
  • Heat Coat Turbine Housing Satin Black
  • New design SP MKIV Manifold. Built for QSV, Satin Black heat coat
  • Heat Coat Tubular Manifold (6cyl) Satin Black
  • SP HDTi Titanium Quick Spool Valve T4
  • TiAl MVR x2 44mm Wastegate Black
  • SP 4″ Downpipe Full Stainless Steel (coating optional)
  • SP 4″ Stainless Steel Midpipe for 2JZ Single Turbo (built w/ 3″ Cutout flange) – Custom for E36 M3
  • SP 3″ Boost Activated Exhaust Cutout w/ O-Ring
  • SP 3″ Turndown for Boost Cutout
  • Custom 4″ polished intake pipe and K&N filter
  • SP custom catch can and lines.. coated and installed
  • Mishimoto radiator
  • Mishimoto race intercooler
  • All piping and intake manifold polished with welded beads to ensure zero boost leaks
  • Powdercoated 2JZ Valve Covers Gloss Black
  • Powdercoat Catch Can Gloss Black
  • Heat Coat Tubular Manifold (6cyl) Satin Black
  • Heat Coat 4 ” Downpipe Satin Black
  • Heat Coat 4″ Midpipe Satin Black
  • Heat Coat Dump Tube bottom Black
  • Heat Coat Dump Tube top Black
  • Heat Coat Turndown Black
  • High Gloss Mirror Polish of Toyota 2JZ Intake Manifold
  • High Gloss Mirror Polish Stock Toyota Throttle Body (modified w/ tube extension)
  • High Gloss Mirror Polish – Oil Filter housing
  • Replace fittings at oil filter housing to new black fittings
  • RedHorse -10AN to 30 Degree Black RedHorse -10AN to 45 Degree Black
  • RedHorse -10AN to 90 Degree Black -10 Stainless Steel Braided Line

Fuel System

  • IDX 1700cc injectors
  • Injector bungs welded in for added protection
  • Fuel lab 828 series in line fuel filter
  • Walbro 450 primary pump
  • Walbro 450 secondary pump
  • Sealed 35a relay kit x2
  • Deutsch 6 way connector
  • Complete fuel feed part of the system is dash 8
  • Rally Road twin pump hanger(stock sending still functions in gauge cluster)
  • Aeromotive FPR
  • SP Fuel rail

All wiring and fuel system with new pumps redone/addressed by Induction Performance in March of 2021. Fuel system was built to support significant headroom.


  • New 170amp alternator
  • ProEFI can display color with logger
  • ProEFI Pro128 Standalone ECU
  • ProEFI Toyota Supra MKIV 2JZ MT Adapter Harness to Pro128 ECU – 4857
  • ProEFI LSU 4.2 O2 sensor kit – 9019
  • ProEFI 5 Bar MAP Sensor Kit – 9004
  • ProEFI 150psi sensor kit – 9000
  • ProEFI 150psi sensor For monitoring oil pressure – 9000
  • Inline Flex Fuel sensor kit
  • ProEFI 5-position iBoost Switch kit – 9020
  • Switching Valve solenoid
  • Induction Performance IGN1a coil kit with accompanying harness(not yet installed)
  • Install Supra Trac Control
  • Add LEDs (no trac bulbs like Supra) and wire to factory traction switch
  • Wire in rear speed sensor to ProEFI
  • Wire in front speed sensor to ProEFI

Diagnosed no signal from front speed sensor, scoped signals, found incompatibility with factory ABS computer. Determined to disable factory ABS ECU

Tuning is exceptional — mapped to ethanol content via Flex Fuel sensor allowing E85 or 93 octane to be utilized – car is limited to 15psi on 93 octane. Boost ramped by speed & controlled via selector switch through 5 settings of 15psi, 22psi, 27psi, 30psi, and 34.5psi. Tuned by Alpha in Tampa, FL (on-site) in March 2021 with remote adjustments made October of 2021 and January of 2022.


  • T56 Magnum Transmission added in February of 2017 by Thayer Motorsports in Ashland, VA. QuickTime conversion bell housing
  • Grannas Racing Hardware
  • ClutchMasters FX850 Twin-Disc Clutch – 1 Ceramic and 1 Organic Disc to improve drive-ability
  • Clutchmasters Hydraulic throw-out Bearing. Custom 1-piece driveshaft fabricated and installed with 1350 U-Joints.


  • Just rebuilt by clay Sanderson
  • 3.21 gearset
  • 4 clutch packs for the LSD and the proper modification to make everything correctly fit

There have might have been some things we have missed related to the drivetrain portion of this build, but seller does have all accompanying receipts.

Exterior and Suspension:

  • Sideskirts, F/R bumpers, & rear decklid all repainted in 2014 due to fading clear from sitting in Florida sun.
  • Work Performed by Pro-tech Collision in Stafford, VA.
  • Rear fender lips were rolled in June 2021 when MT ET Street tires were installed.

17” CCW Classic Wheels purchased in 2013 and centers powder-coated a Lamborghini Grigio Telesto grey by Detective Coatings in Richmond, VA. Wheels were reassembled with new ARP hardware from CCW, new center caps with new gaskets. Front tires are Dunlop Direzza in 225/40/17 and rears are brand-new Toyo R888 in 245/40/17.

Bilstein Sport Struts All Around with Factory Springs (w/ 15mm OEM BMW spring pads in rear to provide additional tire clearance). OEM Rear Trailing Arm Bushings w/Rogue Engineering RTAB limiter kit installed in 2016.

All windows (excluding windshield) were tinted with a ~35% tint prior to my ownership.

New OEM Door Mouldings and custom “2JZ M3” badges installed May of 2021.



  • Dove Grey “Vader” front seats adapted and installed from an M3 coupe
  • VAC fire extinguisher mount installed with 2.5lb Halon bottle at driver’s feet
  • Pioneer X6600BT Bluetooth HeadUnit installed Spring of 2013
  • Replacement front and rear door panels and rear seats installed in Spring of 2014. These show wear, but overall very clean as pictured
  • New OEM 5-Speed ZHP-Style weighed shift knob installed in Spring of 2014

The acceleration offered by this car is breath-taking. “I am still astounded by how absurdly fast it is and how quickly it comes into boost. I’ve never performed a 60-130 speed test but would guesstimate mid 5 second range with the traction afforded by the Drag Radials.”

This is the epitome of a “sleeper sedan”, always draws fantastic excitement at Cars and Coffee, and yet can be driven comfortably for hours on end. As you can tell, this car has been owned with a complete open checkbook and the $75k+ invested in car + upgrades are a testament to that.

Known Issues

  • Minor paint blemishes to be found in the photos include marks on both driver side doors, hood, and passenger rear door.


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Starting bid: $52,000

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